Oooooo! A Halloweensie Contest!

What fun! I decided to enter Susanna Hill’s annual (sixth, this year!) Halloweensie Writing Contest. It’s a 100-word Halloween story challenge using the words ghost, spider, and moon.

Here’s my “Halloween Spider.”

Ghost hung out in mid-air, invisible.

“This is not what I expected,” he moaned.

The holidays bustled in.

The New Year burst forth.

Green spring arrived with droplets of promise.

Then, as the heat of summer grew, Ghost got excited.

“It won’t be looonngggg nooowwww,” he wailed.

Finally, the evening of Oct. 31 arrived. The moon’s bright glow nearly turned night into day.

Shade and shadow fell away to reveal a huge Spider with large fangs.

As shrieks filled the air, Spider had to laugh.

“Oh to be among the living again for just one day is so frightfully fun.”


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